Adjectives examples(what is adjective)

Adjectives-examples ; 

Adjective, which is one of the parts of speech. is used to modify noun and pronoun. Adjectives demonstrate the quality, quantity, number, shape and many more…. We call adjective as modifier also. Study the following examples of adjectives.

Adjectives, kinds of adjectives, positive adjective

More adjectives examples

  1. He is a good boy.
  2. She is a brave girl.
  3. She looks worried.
  4. I am ill.
  5. we live in a beautiful area.
  6. kamran is wearing a fit shirt.
  7. This soup is not edible.
  8. She wore a beautiful dress.
  9. He writes meaningful letters.
  10. This shop is much nicer.
  11. She wore a beautiful dress.
  12. Ben is an adorable baby.
  13. Linda’s hair is gorgeous.
  14. This glass is breakable.
  15. I saw a handsome man.

Adjective can come before the noun or after the noun (after some certain verbs) which is called position of adjective.

Denominal adjective examples

  1. The historical books.
  2. mathematical game.
  3. biological experiment.
  4. wooden boat.
  5. I married an Pakistani woman.
  6. The Indian people are brave.
  7. John has a collection of expensive chines dolls.
  8. In the winter you must wear heavy woolen clothes.
  9. The polar bear is listed as threatened.
  10. We could buy golden ring.

Order of adjective examples

order of adjective can be explained very well by OPSHACOM RULES.( opinion, size, shape, age, color, origin, material.

  1. I bought that new big old green antique gift.
  2. She has a beautiful big white toy. [quality – size – color]
  3. there is a wonderful old japans clock. [opinion – age – origin]
  4. big square blue box. [size – shape – color]
  5. disgusting pink plastic ornament. [opinion – color – material]
  6. Some new slim French trousers. [age – shape – origin]
  7. My small new red sleeping bag. [size – age – color – purpose]
  8. I bought a pair of black leather shoes. [color – material]

Comparing adjective examples

  1. I am better than him.
  2. This room is bigger than that one.
  3. This flower is more beautiful than that.
  4. she is taller than him.
  5. He is more intelligent than khan.
  6. khan is the most handsome boy in the town.
  7. She is newer than me.
  8. This is the prettiest dress in the window.
  9. I lost my most comfortable shoes.
  10. My job is worse than yours.

Compound adjectives examples

  1. She is a narrow-minded girl.
  2. That is a four-foot chair.
  3. Tom is a part-time cooperator.
  4. This is an all-too-common error.
  5. Beware of the green-eyed monster.
  6. He is a cold-blooded guy.
  7. We saw a man-eating shark!
  8. kamran’s dog is well-behaved.
  9. You have to be open-minded about things.
  10. She is not well-prepared person.

Adjectival phrase examples

  1. HE is ready to speak.
  2. John is really clever.
  3. The teacher is very late.
  4. My sister is fond of animals.
  5. I am happy to meet you.
  6. The kids are ready to go.
  7. I saw an old black car.
  8. Don’t be afraid of the dark.
  9. Tony lost his dark brown briefcase.
  10. He’s an extraordinary looking man.

Adjective can be used to compare things, persons and animals also.

For example:

  • He is brave. (It is called positive degree. It means in positive we do not compare.)
  • He is braver than him. (It is called comparative degree of adjective)
  • He is the bravest student. (it is called superlative degree)

There are mainly 14 kinds of adjectives

Examples: The lazy girl was punished badly.

Humanity expects every man to do his duty.

Adjectives can come before their nouns or after some certain verbs.

Examples: She is intelligent.

It looks ­good.

Adjectives are describing words. They tell us about the color, size, shape, nature, quality or condition of a noun. Examples are: blue, green, round, square, good, old, tall, brave, beautiful, tired, happy, exhausted etc.

An adjective usually describes a noun and denotes a temporary or permanent quality associated with that noun. For example, an intelligent boy is a boy who is distinguished from other boys by being permanently intelligent. A square table is a table that is distinguished from other tables by being square in shape. A brave soldier is a soldier who is distinguished from other soldiers by being brave.

Adjectives can answer the question ‘What kind?’ (round tables; big city), ‘How much?’ (some rice, little effort) ‘Which one?’ (red shirt, first time), and ‘How many?’ (two boys, ten books).


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