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how to check test papers, home works, correct way to check papers
Grammar checker

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Grammar-check A teacher must know how to check grammars and how to check your essay. There are many plagiarism checker free website which help us to understand about plagiarism checker. Indeed, I have got some best tips about grammar check and how to check your essay in this article.


Grammar check(how to check your essay?)

As it is thought that teachers are the heroes and future builders of students. I believe that teachers are as important as food and water for a society. If we don’t drink and eat clean and nutritious food our body will be effected by several diseases. Same as if a society does not have good and qualified teachers that society will be involved into numerous problems and hardships. Such as illiteracy, terrorism and war.

Test papers, home works, how to check test papers
test papers

But if a society has got best and qualified teachers than that society will never be backward. Because teachers are the only resource by whom we construct our mind. The mind of children and teenagers are empty. Whatever they are taught will be settled in their mind. So, a teacher must have many good qualities. One of the best quality is to get the trust of students. A student never want anything else except the trust of a teacher. So there are so many ways to get their trust. For instance: good behavior, being talkative, understanding their mind sad, and running the class properly, providing equal justice, satisfying them form their studies and many more.

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Plagiarism checker is very useful which help the teacher to check grammars.These are the common things that every teacher knows and they are implemented by most of the experienced teachers.

But as far as I am concern grammar checking. checking  home works and test papers is one of the difficult task which is not taken seriously nowadays. Most of the students have complains about their test papers specially. Teachers do check the papers perfunctory. Most of the teachers never explain their mistakes they just do underline the mistakes and errors. So how to check the paper properly.

  • There are many ways to check home works and test papers.


1. How to check home works


A home work should cheeked thoroughly.

  • A teacher must use red pen.
  • Each mistakes should be underlined or circled.
  • The mistakes should be defined.
  • If it is grammatical mistake so write ‘gr’ beside it.
  • If it is spelling mistake so write ‘sp’ beside it.
  • If it is punctuation mistake so write ‘pun’ beside it.
  • If it is capitalization mistake so write ‘cap’ beside it.

  • These are the signs which will make the students understand that they have got what type of mistakes. At the beginning of the year, illustrate this policy for students. Make these signs clear for them.

Make errors sheet paper for the students and provide them

The errors sheet should contain following things.

Name ……………….    f/name……………………………

Errors: …………………….

Correct form of errors by students……………………….

Correct form of errors by teachers…………………………….

Parent Sign_______________

Teacher sign______________________

This error sheet should be given to the students and weekly it should be checked. The students must be told not to repeat this error again which are listed in this paper.

2. How to check test paper.

A test paper should be checked thoroughly. These are the best steps should be taken:

  • A teacher must use red pen.
  • A teacher should circle the mistakes.
  • If it is grammatical mistake so write ‘gr’ beside it.
  • If it is spelling mistake so write ‘sp’ beside it.
  • If it is punctuation mistake write ‘pun’ beside it.
  • If it is capitalization mistake write ‘cap’ beside it.

By doing these all it will be clear for a teacher to give number correctly and justly.

3. How to give number correctly.

Follow these procedure to give number to the test paper of students which will satisfy of your profession.

  • Spelling mistakes:
  • Grammar mistakes:
  • Punctuation mistakes:
  • Capitalization mistakes:
  • Cleanness mistakes:
  • Total No:

If the total number is 100 it should be divided like this

  • (10) spelling mistakes:
  • (10) Grammar mistakes:
  • (10)Punctuation mistakes:
  • (10) Capitalization mistakes:
  • (10) cleanness mistakes:
  • (50) Theme of the paper and idea of the student.

If you follow this method you will never receive any kind of objection from students and parents of students.

I hope this article will be beneficial for you while checking the test papers and home works. Do not forget to give me your feedback and  if you got any confusion comment me below .

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