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A word which is used before a noun to specify that noun is called an article.

Kinds of article:-

  • Definite article.
  • Indefinite article.
  • Definite article:

           “The” is called definite article.

  • Indefinite article:

                       “A” and “An” are called indefinite articles.


a1: I saw a girl.2: He has a terrible journey.
an1: You gave me an orange.2: I bought for you an apple.
the1: I always listen to the radio.2: I love the flower in your garden.



A word noun is the name of person, place and thing.



  • Ali is a boy.
  • Ahmad is a student.
  • khan is a teacher.


  • Quetta is a beautiful city.
  • Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan.


  • It is a book.
  • It is a chair.
  • It is a pencil.

Possessive Adjective:

 Definition:   An adjective which shows the possession or ownership of something.

Possessive Adjectives are “My, Your, Their, Our, His, Her, Its”

(My, His, Her, Its) are used for singular.

(Our, Their) are used for plural.

(Your) is used for both singular & plural.


There are thirty students in your class.

This is my book.

Our teacher teaches us very well.

They stand their cars in the ground.

The loin is sitting on its tail.

His mother is playing with her toy.

His brother is my best friend.


Fill in the blanks with correct possessive adjective.

  1. I try to do my class work in ________ class. (his, her, my)
  2. Playing football is very good for _______ health. ( our, its, my)
  3. Every teacher always feels proud on ___________ best personalities. (our, their, his)
  4. _______ Parents always try for __________ success. ( my, our, its)
  5. I don’t know about _________ friends. ( your, my, its)


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