Gerund is 1st form of the verb + ing  which is used as a noun in a sentence.  It is called verbal noun also.


  • She likes reading. (The word reading functions as a noun in this sentence.)
  • He love playing in the yard.  (The word playing is gerund.)More examples:
  • I want running games.
  • they watched entertaining movies.
  • Her biggest dream is leading the nation.
  • My demand is paying the bill,

    Sometimes students get confused between ‘gerund‘ and ing from of the words.

    Fore example: 

  • I am running the game.
  • i like running the game
    In these two sentences we have to understand the difference of “GERUND” and “Ing” form of the verb. In first sentence (I am running the game) running is  = 1st form of the verb+ ing  but it functions as  a verb’ which main verb of the sentence.
    In second sentence (I like running the game)  running is = 1st form of the verb + ing but it functions as ‘noun’ and like ‘is as main verb of the sentence. so running is called gerund.

Since Gerund is a Noun, they can work as followings in a sentence.

  1. subjects of the sentence 
  2. Subject complements
  3. Direct objects
  4. Indirect objects
  5. Objects of prepositions.

Read these examples of gerunds:

Gaming has been his passion.

Gaming = subject of the verb has been.

His hobby is swimming.

Swimming = subject complement of the verb is.

Mehdi enjoys working more than spending time with his friend.

Working = direct object of the verb enjoys.

Jamila gives studying all of her energy and time.

Studying = indirect object of the verb gives.

He is the best at learning mathematics.

Learning = object of the preposition at.

Make sure not to mix Adjectives with Gerunds

The Book is boring.

The boy, we saw on the road, was very interesting.

In the above two sentences the words boring and interesting are not Gerund but Adjectives.

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