Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Definition: it talks or indicates a continuous action that was completed at some point in the past.

Note: This tense is formed with the helping verb (had + been + present participle of the verb with Ing):

e.x. I had been playing in the ground all day.

1.Positive Formula:

        Sub + had + been + 1st (v) + ING + obj .


  •  It had been raining last night.
  • She had been waiting for three hours.
  • They had been swimming for two hours.
  • He has been writing.
  • Kamran had been getting education.

2. Negative formula:

      Sub + had + not + been + 1st (v) + ING + obj .


  • She had not been waiting for three hours.
  • They had not been swimming for two hours.
  • He has not been writing.
  • Kamran had not been getting education.
  • it had not been raining last night.

3. Interrogative formula:   

had + sub + been + 1st (v) + ING + obj+ ?


  • Had she been waiting for three hours?
  • Had they been swimming for two hours?
  • Had he been writing?
  • Had Kamran been getting education?
  • had it been raining last night?

Note: with this tense we can use “since” and “for” in addition we can use time clause as well.

Since : It is used for staring of an action’s time.

  • I have been teaching English since 1990

For: It is used for the duration of time.

  • I have been teaching English for 28 years.


They had been playing since four o’clock.

We had been cleaning the room for 2 hours.

She had been doing the dishes when I reached there.

Exercise: make some sentences for past perfect continuous tense using “since” and  “for”.

I had been                                                                                .

He had                                                                                              .

We                                                                                                    .



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