Past simple Tense             

               Definition: It is used to talk about an action started in the past and finished in the past at a specific time in the past.

 Positive Structure:

Subject + 2nd form of the verb + object


She cooked food at night.         They played football yesterday.

We went to bazar.                        I cleaned the white board.

Negative Structure:

Subject + auxiliary verb(did not)1st verb + object


She did not cook food yesterday.        They did not play football yesterday.

We did not go to bazar.            I did not clean the white board.

Interrogative Structure:

Auxiliary verb(did) + Subject + 1st verb + object?


Did she cook food yesterday?             Did they play football yesterday?

Did we go to bazar?              Did I clean the white board?


  • They _____the cloths. (wash, washed)
  • He ______________ exam last month. (finished, finish)
  • You ______________food for him yesterday. (cooking, cooked)
  • _______she knock the door yesterday? (do, did)
  • The students _______ learn English. ( don’t , did not)
  • I ______ to market at the morning. (was, were, went)
  • _____she cook food last night. (was, were, did)
  • Ali and Ahmad _______ with each other. (played, playing )