Present Simple Tense

DEFINITION:  It is used to express present action, habitual or daily activity or universal fact or possession and state.


For example a student says, “I go to school”. It is a daily activity of a student to go to school, so such actions are expressed by present simple tense. Another example is, “I work in a factory”. It tells about a usual action of a person that he works in a factory on regular basis.

1.Positive Structure:

Subject + 1st verb (s, es, ies) + object.


  1.   I read my book.
  2.   He gets up early in the morning.
  3.  She writes a letter.
  4.  Sun rises in east.
  5. He plays football.
  6. They wash the cloth.
  7. I study hard
  8. he goes to school
  9. she plays with dolls.
  10.  Ankara drinks water early on the morning.

 2. Interrogative Structure/ Formula:

                         Do/Does + Subject + 1st verb + Object.


  1. Do I read my book?
  2. Does he get up early in the morning?
  3. Does she write a letter?
  4. Does sun rise in east?
  5. Does he play football?
  6. Do they wash the cloth?
  7. Do I study hard?
  8. Does he go to school?
  9. Does she plays with doll?.
  10. Does Ankara drink water early on the morning?


3. Negative Structure/Formula:

               Subject + do not/does not + 1st verb + object.


  1. I do not read a book.
  2. He does not get up early.
  3. She does not write a letter.
  4. Sun does not rise in east.
  5. He  does not play football.
  6. They do not wash the cloth.
  7. I do not study hard.
  8. he does not go to school.
  9. she does not play with dolls.
  10.  Ankara does not  drink water early on the morning.

 Practice these Exercises:

  • Ali ______ historical books. ( reads, read)
  • She always ________ T.V at the evening. ( watch, watches)
  • He never ________ early. (comes, come)
  • Ahmad ________like playing football. (do not, does not)
  • They __________ the students. ( teach, teaches)
  • I _________ to play football at the morning. (want, wants)
  • You __________ like to learn English. (do not, does not)
  • _________you walk at the morning? (do, does)

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