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What is subject?

You might have studied that a sentence is combination of so many elements which we bring together to form a proper sentence. so a sentence is consist of: Subject, verb, helping verb, modal auxiliary verbs, causative verbs, conjunction, inter junction, phrase and many more……

Definition: The subject of a sentence is the noun, pronoun or noun phrase that precedes and governs the main verb. The subject is the part of the sentence that performs an action or which is associated with the action.

For example:

  • He is a nice guy.
    * “He” is the subject of the sentence, controlling the verb and the complement.
  • My dog attacked the burglar.
    * “My dog” is the subject, controlling the verb and the rest of the sentence.
  • David plays the piano
    * The subject “David” performs the action of “playing the piano”.
  • The police interviewed all the witnesses.
    * The subject the police performs the action of interviewing all the witnesses.
    so you have understood subject and the function of subject. Now it would be better to utilize your concern knowledge by making one example in the comment section.

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