What is Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing

Definition:  The combination of related sentence that will talk about one specific title is called paragraph.

Parts of paragraph: A paragraph has three important parts:

1: Topic sentence

Def. The first sentence of a Paragraph is called topic sentence. which introduce the whole paragraph.


 The major problems a working mother faces concern her children.

It is the topic sentence of the given paragraph below.

A topic sentence is consist of two main things : 

1. Topic Issue   

2. Controlling Idea
Example:  The major problems a working mother faces concern her children.
The given sentence is a topic sentence. In which we have two things 1. Topic issue= A working mother.      
2.  Controlling Idea= Problems related to her children.

2: controlling idea:

An idea that gives a limit and boundary to the writer.

Example: The major problems concern her children.

3: Supporting ideas: 

All the examples which define the controlling idea is called supporting ideas.

“Working mother”

The major problem a working mother faces concern her children. She must either find a reliable person who will be loving toward the children or a good day-care center where the children can go. If child gets sick, the mother must make special arrangements for the child to be cared for at home, or she must stay home from work. While at work, the mother may worry about her children. She may wonder if they are save, if they are learning the values she wants them to have, and if her absence is hurting them emotionally. She may also regret not being able to take them to after school activities or participate in family activities with them.